Black Lives Matter

Fort Worth Music Therapy Fund believes that Black Lives Matter. We stand for fairness, equity, and inclusion. While we offer music therapy scholarships and internship scholarships to anyone in the state of Texas regardless of race or gender, we choose now to speak out in support of the Black community. This public statement is a commitment that our organization stands against racism. 


The mission of Fort Worth Music Therapy Fund is to increase access to music therapy in our state. We recognize that there are numerous systemic barriers to obtaining and maintaining therapy services. Our organization was founded to mitigate these inequities.


Our action steps:


  1. Support Black and BIPOC voices by sharing their perspectives through social media posts that align with our mission. 
  2. Diversify our board to more appropriately reflect our community. We recognize that our board members are predominantly white, while the Texas population is beautifully diverse.
  3. Train our board. We are researching books, training opportunities, and resources to educate and equip our board and volunteers. 
  4. Maintain a scholarship application review process that minimizes bias and supports diverse populations.


We want to thank all who have donated to our mission and who have joined our community thus far. We hope to keep these conversations going, and we are dedicated to learning and bettering ourselves.